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Om os estateadmin June 27, 2022

More than just accommodation

Estate Partners

We are a family-run company with deep roots in Kolding. We develop and operate properties in the Triangle area for both private and commercial use. Our tenancies are bright and modern, and we have a continuous focus on high housing quality, safety and community.

When you cooperate with us, you are guaranteed good and present service. We are always available for your inquiries, and we take pride in creating good experiences for our tenants. Our customers are typically with us for many years, and we work actively to create long-term relationships and good cooperation.

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Homes with space for you
Central in Kolding
Modern apartments in good locations with fantastic facilities


Student and youth housing

Focus on community, location and quality


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Flexible rental periods and attractive prices


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Furnished and ready to move in apartments


A strong partner to business

If you lack accommodation for employees with a temporary stay in Kolding, we can match both price and quality of hotel accommodation. The furnished apartments can make it more homely, and we can be helpful with various service packages.